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Logo of Tula Properties

At Tula Projects, we envision a world where the boundaries between urban living and a deep-rooted connection to nature are seamlessly blended. Guided by eco-urbanity principles, our aim is to create sustainable, eco-friendly communities that offer a holistic lifestyle, balancing modern amenities with a profound respect for the earth.


Our founder, Satish Reddy Indupuru, embodies this vision, bringing together a unique blend of international banking expertise and a deep-seated love for sustainable farming and community building. His journey exemplifies transformation, inspiring us to integrate diverse experiences for a common goal: a greener, more sustainable future.


We are committed to developing projects that offer a luxurious lifestyle and encourage eco-conscious living. From pioneering strawberry farming in Karnataka to creating farm plots that come with an active 15-acre luxury resort, we are redefining what it means to live sustainably without compromising on quality or comfort.


Our projects, like Rhythms of the Earth, stand as landmarks of what can be achieved when innovation meets sustainability. Located right on the highway for easy access and offering a host of amenities from a 3.5-acre man-made lake to a vineyard, these aren't just farm plots; they are lifestyle statements.


Through our endeavors, we aim to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities, offering opportunities for people to reconnect with nature while enjoying the luxuries of modern life. We believe sustainable living is not just a trend but a long-term commitment to our planet and future generations.


Join us in making this vision a reality, as we continue to set new benchmarks in eco-urban living.

"Crafting sustainable communities; harmonizing nature, well-being, and prosperity through


Vision of Tula Properties: Integrating luxury, sustainability, and community in Bangalore's premier green living spaces
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