An architecture firm works on multiple projects simultaneously and it is a tedious process to track the statuses of assigned tasks – not just for the project managers but for the draftsmen themselves. Project Managers find the complexity of their work increasing exponentially with the number of teams and projects handled. Add to this the pressure of being answerable to clients about the status of their projects. How much of this data can be reliably stored in a person’s brain?

Automating Task Management is the solution to these problems and this is one of Tula’s key strengths. Imagine a collaborative environment where the system keeps track of the various responsibilities. All information flows through the system and approvers are alerted whenever a task is completed. Workflows can be set at the beginning of a project and the system takes care of assigning new tasks as the previous ones are completed.


Site Engineer Visit – On Field Data

In architecture firms, it is essential to keep track of project status on the field. The system needs to automatically learn the on-field project status so the draftsmen can easily know which projects to prioritize – for example, a project that is delayed on the field due to various reasons can be given a low priority as opposed to a project that has caught up with the drawings that have been supplied. Tula accomplishes this by bringing site engineers within its task management environment. Site engineers are able to log the details of the projects and decisions can be automated based on this information.


Accountant Module

It is essential that the accountant is able to keep track of the stage the project is in so timely payments can be collected from the client. Moreover, consultant payments have also to be kept track of and the accountant’s task becomes much simpler when he/she is alerted whenever a payment is due. Tula takes care of this aspect of the functioning of the architect’s office. The accountant is easily able to view the payment schedules and is able to generate billing reports which can easily be shared with clients and consultants.


Task Management Allows You To:

  • Manage Tasks Online/ Remotely
  • Make Task Workflows Timebound
  • Issue Real Time Notifications at Every Step of  the Task Workflow
  • View a Task Breakdown
  • Set Priorities to Tasks
  • View Gantt Charts
  • Generate Project and Employee Reports
  • Segregate Tasks Based on Projects
    Manage Your Time and Effort Efficiently and Make Sure you Never Miss a Deadline Again!

Tula, is a web-based application developed by Software Associates, one the leading software service providers in India. The online task management tool is developed with the aim to keep every project (with related tasks and documents) under a roof which makes it easy for follow-ups.

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