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Searching for the right software to manage online discussions at your firm? Tula is your complete solution acting as an online collaboration tool for architecture project to manage discussions. Discuss various project related issues collaboratively with the team members, clients and third party consultants.

One of the major platform in recent times to express one’s opinion and share it are the discussion forums, as it is quite hard to get a software to manage online discussions for architects exclusively. For successful execution of the project, it’s very important that team members should be able to communicate and collaborate with each other over various projects related issues. Tula provides a discussion platform for the team members, where selected team members can discuss the project related issues. Client and External consultants can also be made part of specific discussions, so that they will be able to understand the project progress, and collaborate better.

The discussion platform of Tula helps architects manage online discussions, also helps in reducing the number of emails floating around the same issue. Tula saves all the discussion heads so that after sometime, say you wish to revisit the discussion and its all there.

Knowledge generated can be easily disseminated across the organization. With Tula you can bring organizational expertise under one roof with the best discussions platform for architects. It is one of those places where you can proactively engage with discussions and build relationships with your consultants and clients.



Features of the Discussion Module:

  • Track all discussions
  • Restrict participants of discussion
  • Attach supporting documents for effective discussion
  • Assign task related to the discussion
  • Facilitate discussion with remote people
  • Real time notification for better involvement

Track all Discussions

Act as an online collaboration tool for architects helps manage project discussions, related tasks, documents and discussions etc are logged and made available in the discussion history. Restrict participants of discussion: discussions threads can be created for selected users only. Attach related documents for effective discussion: Helps avoid lengthy messages and conversations, saves time by sending files as attachment if needed. Just attach the supporting documents to the discussion and you are done. Assign task related to the discussion: Task actions required as an outcome of discussion can be attached to it as assigned to the participant at the earliest. Facilitate discussion with remote people: Discrete team can successfully participate in the discussion from anywhere. Mobile friendly Tula makes this possible to attend discussions on any device. Real time notification for better involvement: As a Software to manage online discussions for architects, it does support real time notifications as well.


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