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Meetings are an integral part of any architecture project and meeting scheduler software plays an important role in efficient execution of the projects. The major activities of an effective meeting include preparing an agenda, scheduling, inviting the related parties, circulate the minutes of the meeting and follow-up on the same.
Thanks to the meeting planner module integrated with Tula, you can easily practice the prior and post meeting activities. Now you can schedule meetings and share meeting agenda with your team members whenever required. With this meeting scheduling software, you can also list down all the minutes of the meetings, so that everyone gets access to it the moment it is added, even if they failed to attend the meeting due to some reasons. There is no need to send the minutes of the meeting separately. TULA helps you not only to record the minutes and notes of the meeting, you can also initiate a new task or a discussion as an outcome of this meeting. There is hardly a chance you would miss a meeting. This appointment scheduling software can also help you with the notification reminders and the dashboard calendar making a perfect companion in notifying about the upcoming meetings in advance.

Tula illustrates how to schedule meetings with a software for your team

Invitees are informed of the meeting details through notifications and emails. Their dashboard will show meeting calendar marked with their scheduled meetings. While creating a meeting the members are categorized under different roles like Organizer, Note taker, Facilitator, and invitees. Invitee is prompted to accept or decline an invitation with a valid reason. Minutes of meeting is saved under the meeting name/agenda which can be a way for future reference of that meeting. The members who has not attended can get to know the meeting outcomes by referencing to this. Meetings are integrated with the internal calendar in the dashboard. Agenda and details of the meeting is available in the calendar. This gives a clear picture of your schedule while acting as a meeting planner for architects. You can get the history of all the meetings that you were a part of. Outcome of the meeting can accurately recorded by added related tasks and discussions. Thus keeping the requirements raised knotted with the meeting. You could hardly get a good meeting scheduler online tools exclusively for architects; other than Tula.

Features of the Meeting Module of Tula:

Below are some of the features that principal architects/project managers of architecture firms can use with Tula.

  • Invite people to meetings:
  • Set people to different roles in meeting:
  • Capture invitee’s response to meeting invitation:
  • Record minutes of meeting to drive action:
  • Track all meetings on calendar:
  • Comprehensive history ensures easy access to past meeting details:
  • Grouping and monitoring tasks and discussion threads initiated from meetings:

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