In an architecture firm, a multitude of drawings are created per project and the number of projects the firm works on simultaneously can be huge. It is easy to see that document management is no easy task for such a firm. Add to this the number of edits and corrections made to a drawing. For fear of losing data, some firms end up keeping copies of every edits thus incurring a cost not only in terms of hard-disk space on their server, but also in terms of wasted time spent looking for the right drawing.

A repository for all project related documents. Tula features a comprehensive, simple and secure document management system which can be used to store your designs and share them with the concerned team members in an instant. A centralized document repository makes sure that all your documents are all at one place, arranged in folders project-wise, and they can be accessed from anywhere.

File Management Feature of Tula

Learn how to manage your design documents with Tula.

In Tula, files are organized under project names in a folder structure. A Tree View is also provided for easy retrieval of files. Version changes are updated for each file. Tula also makes sure only the persons who are given access to a particular project are able to view/edit the documents belonging to that project. Tula makes it easy to track when and by whom a document was edited. Any changes made to a file are saved incrementally and all versions of the file are available for viewing/editing so there is no fear of information loss!


Document Management System Allows You To:

  • Access Files/Information From Anytime/Anywhere
  • Quickly Retrieve Files Using Keyword Search
  • Control Access To Files
  • Manage File Versions
  • Collaborate On File Modifications
  • Get Real-time Notifications On The Updation Of A file
  • Segregate Documents Using Folders
  • Share Drawings, Specifications, Check Lists, Document Templates, Issues, Punch List Items, To-Do Lists And A Lot More!


Know More Benefits of using Document Management Software

Contact us to know more about managing and securing your design documents for an effective and fast execution of your architectural project with the team. If you would like to know more about us and the creators of this document management software, you can check at our company  page. We are here to help you solve all of your document management problems with the best pricing to build a cost effective software for architects. We can arrange a meeting with you to help you with our demo video of this file management software usage. Tula have more features other than just managing the design documents, you can check it at Other Features of Tula. We hope you got the main benefits of using a Document Management Software and how Tula can help your team and client to work effectively.