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Time Saving

Save time spent on assigning and following-up delegated tasks, searching for old designs or documents and unproductive meetings. Get more time for creative thinking and project execution rather than running behind never-ending, unrewarding routine activities.

Simple Workflow

Workflow in Tula is not dramatically different. It is simple and easy to use with a whole lot of features to improve efficiency. Any person can easily get started with Tula. Tula is designed to be device agnostic, i.e., it can be used with same ease on a PC, laptop, tablet or your smartphone.

Counter Effects of Attrition

Attrition is a disturbing reality. Though we do not claim to reduce attrition, Tula can definitely make it less painful for the Principals. Standardized processes make it easy for a new employee to pick up from where the other person left. Also, Tula can ensure safety of your designs and intellectual properties.

Interlinked Features

Each feature in Tula is interlinked with each other. This makes Tula intuitive by design. Ability to add related tasks and documents make sure everything is traceable from its origin to its completion. It is one of the key functionalities that separates Tula from other similar software available in the market.

Quick Addition of New Features

Being an IT Service Company, our core strength lies in constantly improving user experience by adding new features. Tula is in its nascent stage and we will be happy to add more features, based on their merit. Our team of Business Analysts and Programmers will be keen to discuss your specific requirements.

No IT-Specialist Required

Tula does not come with the baggage of having an IT specialist on board. If you already have one, he/she will thank you for choosing Tula. You need not be a tech savvy person to use Tula. Moreover, we provide exemplary service to our customers. So, if at all something breaks, we will be there to fix it for you.