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Meetings form an integral part of the construction process. The architects, being in the center of all the construction projects, have to meet all the stake holders at a regular interval to make sure construction goes on smoothly. Lots of meetings happen among the teams also to discuss the design changes, project progress and various issues and challenges. With so many meetings happening everyday, there is always a probability of you forgetting about some of them. However, now you will never forget any upcoming meetings, thanks to the Tula Projects meeting manager with integrated calender.

There are two types of calendars, which are integrated with Tula Projects. First, keeps track of all your meetings across all the projects and another, which keeps track of all the meetings specific to a project. The organizer can create an upcoming meeting in a few seconds and send invitations to everyone concerned. The invitees get a notification, and they can accept or deny based on whether they will be attending the meeting or not. Tula Projects keeps track of all the responses at one place, so that all the invitees know who all are attending and who all are not attending with appropriate reasons. Calendars of all the invitees will get updated accordingly.

Tula projects meeting manager does more than just scheduling the meetings. Once the meeting is over, you can even add minutes of the meetings related to a particular meeting. All the invitees can access these minutes whenever they want. So no need to run around if you want to visit all the discussions, which took place in a particular meeting. You can also attach relevant files as minutes of the meetings.

At  the end of the meetings, usually tasks are assigned to the team members concerned. Using Tula Projects, you can create related tasks to the meetings and fix deadlines for these tasks.

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