Challenges in Managing Projects and Offices at Multiple Locations

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Architects traditionally deal with projects, which are spread out at multiple locations. Some architectural firms also set up multiple offices to manage local projects. However, managing projects and offices at the multiple site has its own unique challenges. Here are few of them, that you may face on daily basis but may not be consciously aware of.

1. Various ongoing daily activities at the primary business location can leave you very less or no time to manage other offices and projects, which are at different location. Main problem is usually with the mind share. You tend to spend more time on fixing issues that you can actually see. The current site always gets the priority. The same is also famously known as ” Out-of-site-out-of-mind syndrome.”

2. As you don’t meet your employees at different location regularly, there is a communication gap. We all will agree that unplanned communication is more effective than planned meetings and conversations. You cannot manage things spontaneously now.

3. Another problem is with information exchange. Say there is a design which cannot be sent through mail, may be because of large size, or format of file is not supported by gmail or any other email client. You have to mail them through traditional mail, which leads to time delays, unnecessary hassles.

4. It is harder to assign certain jobs or collaborate on them when employees are based in remote locations. Taking feedback on the ongoing job, taking progress report, giving instructions and approvals can leave anyone in complete distress.

5. Your team members will not know each other as well. This can easily lead to an “us-versus-them” mentality. There will be a certain communication gap across your organization.

6. If you have a remote office that clients visit, it’s virtually impossible to see if your employees are arriving on time, working appropriate business hours etc.

To tackle these and other challenges, then, architects need to focus upon three key areas: systems, technology, and communication. Tula helps to solve most of the issues by bringing in systems enabled by technology for proper communication. Contact our team to know more, or Get it now.

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